Don’t Let Old Age Get To You

The main thing is that you control your mind. What you think matters. If you think that now you are old and feeble unable to do things that you were once upon a time was able to do then your attitude really affects your physical nature. Your mind is reluctant to try and therefore the more difficult it becomes to do something. Being young at heart really matters and it is how you see yourself that truly makes an impact. The others may see your grey hair and the wrinkled face but you must see that smile on the face and the years of experience your grey hair boasts of. You have lived and enjoyed and you will still continue to do so. It is what you feel in your heart that matters. Don’t let age (mere numbers) daunt you from finding your own self.
Reminiscence is good but if done in the right way. Remember the old days and the life you lived. The joy of a child, the memories of a youth is all good. Be grateful for it and happy that you were privileged enough to have those lovely experiences and memories but don’t dwell on it and hold on to it with nostalgia. Those memories indicate that you have lived a full life and be proud of it. But it’s not the need of the road for you. Today is a brand new day with brand new people to meet and things to do. You must gather brand new memories. Without just looking at your old photo album from your youth start making a new one with the new memories. Each day is a gift so embrace it the way it is. One day we all have to leave our healthy homes and we can leave happy memories with our children and great grandchildren. They will remember you as the parent who was strong and happy and your grand kids will remember you as their wonderful and fun grandparent. Don’t let age be an obstacle to have fun. To know more about hospital beds for sale, visit
Do things that you enjoy doing. They might not be the same things that you liked to do ten or fifteen years ago. You may not have the physical strength or mental concentration to do them but its ok. Find a new interest or modify your old interest to suit the new you. It’s ok if you are using walking frames in Melbourne to move around or a hearing aid to hear what other people say. Those things don’t matter. Little toddlers can’t talk, walk or tie their shoe laces. But that doesn’t prevent them from having fun right? They learn it by and by and enjoy what they have and know. There is no shame in not being able to do something on your own anymore. Toddlers need help all the time and you don’t see them complaining don’t you? Old age is a phase in life and just like you helped your little ones to tie their shoe laces and change their diapers now it’s their turn to help you. Don’t turn them away because you are too proud to accept it. You will need help. Accept it graciously. Let it be a bonding experience to spend time with your kids and grandkids.