Existing Alternatives For Smokers Who Want To Quit

Smoking is on the decline due to the rising health issues that are being brought out into the open that are caused by the almost innocent rolled up tube. Most and more people are on the rise to quit the smoking addiction due to the numerous cases of lung cancer and other immune system related diseases that are linked directly to long term smoking. But quitting is not as easy as it sounds and relapsing cases are common as well. So for those who want to go for alternatives to smoking, what exactly is out there in the world?

When you think to buy e cigarette starter kit

One of the more popular alternatives that came around to the market in 2004, these devices are vaporizes that does the act of smoking but takes out the whole tobacco part of the equation. Instead it uses a nicotine e liquid that gets heated, and then subsequently inhaled through the ‘pen’. Smokers can get the heady stimulus (both physical and psychological) of smoking that usually accompanies the usual smokes. The whole industry boomed in the last few years with flavours, different types of ‘pens, varieties and other different methods of getting the stimulus of smoking. But apparently this alternative is also not without its bad-effects; according to lab test and research done this alternative also works on getting your immune system weakened along with your respiratory system although to a lesser degree than to the traditional smokes.

The herbal method

With the whole expansion of the herbal and organic side of pretty much everything on the planet, people also went to herbal rolled up tubes as alternatives to traditional smoking. Relatively less expensive than the traditional one and also with more types and varieties available, herbal alternative is also popular among the want-to-quit groups. But apparently, although no long term studies exist, herbal alternative is also as bad as the normal traditional smokes.

Currently there is a great effort put into finding a ‘safe’ alternative to the traditional tobacco smokes, but the only newer and relatively safe measure that is introduced is the ‘voke’. Voke functions differently to the electronic version of the traditional smoke as it is actually a breath activated aerosol device which gives out small bursts of tobacco ingredient. It works when you drag in and breathe out as the normal smoke and it gives the same effect on both physical and psychological levels. There is a great deal of anticipation for the performance of this small gadget as a lot of smokers want to switch to an alternative that will give them the same feeling but without the bad effect on health.